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The Webster Times

Dudley – An inmate work crew was recently at Shepherd Hill Regional High School.

On a recent visit the Sheriff spoke with Principal, Mary Pierangeli who said “The work was completed in a professional and timely manner with considerable savings to the district. Without your assistance, it would not have been possible for our maintenance staff to complete this work along with their other summer projects.”

Principal Pierangeli estimated that the Community Service Program saved the school district approximately $5400.

Since his election Sheriff Evangelidis has doubled the size of the community service program. The program not only saves communities thousands of dollars but also provides inmates with a feeling of productivity and dignity. The work-crews are made up of officer supervised inmates, convicted of non-violent crimes, who have earned their place in the program.

So far this year this program has saved local cities and towns well over half a million dollars.

“As a former legislator I understand the needs of local towns, this program is a win-win for communities and for the Sheriff’s department,” Sheriff Evangelidis said, “Inmates benefit from a sense of accomplishment while the community is able to accomplish projects at little to no-cost.”