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Please carefully review the visiting hours schedule and policies to ensure your visit goes smoothly.

Video visits may be scheduled for those on the inmate’s pre-approval list.


Inmate visits are on the following schedule:

Visits Schedule


Staff members have the right to terminate a visit at any time if an inmate or his visitor(s) violates any of the rules and regulations of the facility or if the behavior of an inmate and/or his visitor(s) is disruptive.

Number of Visitors/visits

Inmates are allowed up to 3 visits per week. Upon arrival at the Worcester County Jail & House of Corrections, incoming inmates are allowed to list up to 7 individuals who will be permitted to visit the inmate during their allotted visiting hours. Individuals who are not listed as approved visitors in an inmate’s file will not be allowed to visit. If you are not on the list and wish to be added, you must write the inmate a letter requesting that he adds you to his list of approved visitors.

Only 2 visitors per inmate at one time shall be allowed in the Visiting Room.

Visitor Sign in

Visitors to the facility are required to sign in and complete a “Request to Visit Inmate Form” upon their arrival. Visitors will be required to produce a current photo I.D. (driver’s license, passport, etc.). Failure to produce a valid, acceptable I.D. may result in the denial of a visit.

Upon arrival, visitors must disclose any articles, other than clothing, they may be carrying such as personal effects or medication. Visitors must then successfully pass through the metal detectors. There are lockers provided by the facility for visitors to leave personal property in; otherwise personal property must be left outside the facility.

Individuals Not Permitted to Visit

  • Any person who has previously conducted visits with at least 3 other inmates during the prior 5 years
  • Any person who is a co-defendant on a felony charge for which the inmate is being held
  • Any former inmate (of any institution) for 10 years following release from incarceration
  • Any person with any open criminal cases within any jurisdiction
  • Any person on parole or probation
  • Any person under indictment

Dress Code

  • Clothing must be worn in a manner that is intended to be appropriate at all times and shall not be excessively revealing.
    • No tank-top style tops (Shoulders and midriffs must be concealed)
    • No miniskirts or short dresses
    • No shear clothing
    • No baggy pants/shorts, or pants/shorts with excessive pockets
    • No army fatigues, sweats, or uniforms
  • Outer garments or coats of any kind, along with all hooded clothing, are prohibited.
  • No face or head coverings will be allowed (i.e. hats, caps, kerchiefs, scarves), unless worn for religious or medical reasons and shall be searched prior to entering.
  • No jewelry other than wedding bands and medical alert bracelets will be allowed. Lockers are available for all other personal property.
  • An adult with an infant will be allowed to retain the bare essentials to care for the infant during the visitation period (one clear plastic bottle, one diaper, one pacifier, etc.).
  • Clothing with religious or ethnic significance will be subject to search.


  • Under special circumstances, exceptions to the Visitor’s Dress Code may be approved by the Senior Shift Officer (SSO). Any approved exceptions shall be documented on an incident report and forwarded to the Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Special Services. Final determination for entrance will be made by the SSO.
  • Exceptions will be made for attorneys. Any questions regarding attorneys shall be forwarded to the SSO.

*The above dress code rules will apply to both in-person and visits video visits

Special Rules For Children

  • Children (under 17 years of age) may visit an inmate without prior permission when the child is accompanied by his/her parent or legal guardian. The child’s birth certificate and legal documentation must be presented to the Control Officer and must confirm the relationship to the parent(s) or legal guardian. The birth certificate must be an original copy with the parent(s) name and proper seal.
  • Children in the visiting area shall be the responsibility of the adult visitor and shall not be allowed by their parent(s) or legal guardian to engage in disruptive behavior or to roam the visiting room unattended, or the visit will be terminated.
  • No minor may be left unattended in any areas on state property (such as vehicles, lobby, etc.)

If you have any questions about the visitation policies, call 508.854.1800.

More Information

Video Visits

Friends and Family Video Visit Sessions

General Rules:

  • Participation in video sessions is a privilege, not a right. All parties are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times during a video session.
  • ONLY visitors on the inmate’s pre-approval list will be allowed to schedule a video visit.  ONLY the pre-approved visitor should be on camera for the video visit. Any other person or people on camera will be considered a violation of the video visit rules, and grounds for termination of the visit. A disciplinary report will be issued. The inmate and visitor will be suspended from video visits.
  • This institution reserves the right to deny, cancel or terminate a video session before or during a video session based upon misconduct of either party. This institution also reserves the right to restrict participants from all future use of the system.
  • All family member/friend video sessions are recorded and subject to electronic monitoring by Worcester County Sheriff’s Office personnel. Your use of this video system constitutes consent to this recording and monitoring.
  • Nudity, sexual conduct, weapons, drugs, and tight-fitting or provocative clothing are prohibited. Any illegal activity will be reported to local law enforcement.
  • Visitors are not allowed to video or photograph the inmate during the video session.
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