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Worcester County’s Eldercare 2021 to take place virtually this year

WORCESTER COUNTY, Mass. – An annual educational and public safety presentation for older adults will take place virtually this year.

Eldercare 2021 is put together by the Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging and Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis.

This year’s theme is “Communities of Strength.”

Evangelidis says they weren’t able to hold the event last year, and felt it was particularly important to bring it back after a year of COVID-19.

He says this year’s virtual event will feature a panel of guest speakers discussing topics ranging from truths and myths about COVID-19, safeguarding seniors, CBD use for older adults and mental health for seniors and elder law.

Evangelidis says he believes the event will also help to reconnect people.

“It’s been a very hard time for a lot of people to stay isolated when they really don’t enjoy that or thrive in that environment. So, I think this will be the beginning of kind of people sort of communicating, getting back together and hopefully this will be the beginning of returning to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible,” said Evangelidis.

Eldercare 2021 will premiere on May 3 on most local cable access stations across Worcester County, as well as CMAA Senior Connection on YouTube.