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The Daily Shrewsbury
By Lindsay Corcoran

SHREWSBURY — Worcester County Sheriff Lewis G. Evangelidis recently provided free inmate labor through the Sheriff’s Inmate Community Service Program to the Human Services Food Pantry. Inmates helped shelve more than 6,000 pounds of food, resulting in several thousand dollars in savings for the pantry.

The inmate work release crews are made up of nonviolent, non-sex-offender individuals approaching the end of their sentence.

Since taking office last year, Sheriff Evangelidis has more than doubled the size of the Inmate Community Service Program. He has also provided inmate work crews for projects at the Council on Aging, DPW, Assabet Valley Collaborative and public school buildings, resulting in more than $23,000 in savings for Shrewsbury.

“We cannot thank Sheriff Evangelidis enough for providing the Inmate Community Service Program to help our Human Services Food Pantry. The Sheriff’s inmate work crews worked tirelessly to stock our pantry shelves with over 6,000 pounds of donated food items that will be distributed to over 1,800 Shrewsbury area residents in need during the month of May. This is truly a tremendous program that has provided a great service and benefit to our food pantry,” said Shrewsbury Human Services Food Pantry Director Joanne Keagan.