Inmate Community Service

Cost-free labor by minimum security inmates who gain valuable skills for re-entering the workforce.


Face2Face Program

School program that prevents teen drug use by showing how drugs can alter appearance.



Increasing the safety of senior citizens through education and community involvement while enhancing law enforcement's awareness of seniors' crime-related concerns.


Inmate Re-Entry

Helping newly released men and women with practical and emotional support to build productive new lives and reduce the chance of recidivism.


Where are you headed?

Correctional Officer Ovian and inmates talk about the importance of staying on the right path.


Recent News

Veggies sprung from Worcester County jail farm

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Sheriff Lew Evangelids, Special Sheriff Andrew Abdella, Corrections Officer Bryan Alstrom and Farm Manager Lt. David Kalagher show off vegetables…

Sheriff Evangelidis Announces National Accreditation

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Worcester County Sheriff Lewis G. Evangelidis and Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Superintendent David Tuttle along with WCSO employees Diane Cook,…

Sheriff’s Annual Winter Coat Drive Begins

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  Anyone interested in donating to our 2018 Sheriff's Annual Winter Coat Drive please see our partners various sites listed…