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The Daily Northbridge

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis was guest speaker recently at Northbridge High School, meeting with junior and senior students in teacher Alan Finkel’s law class.

Evangelidis discussed his esponsibilities as the high sheriff of Worcester County, the role of the Sheriff’s Department as well as his previous professional experience as an assistant state prosecutor and assistant district Attorney.

A graduate of Temple Law School, Evangelidis served as an assistant sState prosecutor in Miami-Dade, Florida and as an assistant district attorney in Suffolk County.

Since taking the oath of office in January of last year, he has been committed to running the Sheriff’s Department based on professionalism, not politics. he told students that he has achieved these reforms by significantly increasing the Departments hiring standards, removing the Sheriff’s name from all department vehicles and by refusing to accept campaign contributions from employees or their spouses.

“It was a pleasure to visit with Mr. Finkel’s law class at Northbridge High School today. I am always honored to discuss with students career path opportunities in law and law enforcement as well as the many ways the Sheriff’s Department is involved in the community. As Sheriff, I am committed to visiting every school district … to discuss with our students the importance of making good life choices and doing well in school,” Evangelidis said.

“It was wonderful to have Sheriff Evangelidis speak to our 11th and 12th grade law class students today. The Sheriff’s talk was very informative about career opportunities in law and law enforcement, our students were very interested to hear about the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department and the Sheriff’s very important role in our community,” Finkel said.