Sheriff Stresses Senior Safety Programs at Leicester Breakfast

The Daily Leicester LEICESTER, Mass. — Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis had the pleasure of attending the February Senior Breakfast at the Leicester Senior Center on Thursday. The Sheriff attended the monthly breakfast as part of the Sheriff’s Senior Citizen Safety Initiative for Worcester County.

Sheriff gets Face2Face with school kids

The Webster Patriot By Steev Riccardo When you first see and hear Lew Evangelidis speak to an audience of school kids, your immediate impression will be that you are not listening to an average sheriff giving an ordinary speech.

Sheriff’s Anti-Drug Program Comes to Millbury

The Daily Millbury By Steve Balestrieri MILLBURY, Mass. – Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangeledis has an innovative program to keep kids off of drugs, and he brought his message and program to Millbury Jr./Sr. High School on Friday morning.