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The Daily Leicester

LEICESTER, Mass. — Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis had the pleasure of attending the February Senior Breakfast at the Leicester Senior Center on Thursday. The Sheriff attended the monthly breakfast as part of the Sheriff’s Senior Citizen Safety Initiative for Worcester County.

The TRIAD Program currently offered by the Sheriff’s Department works closely with local law enforcement, elder services and the council on aging and serves communities throughout the region by providing seniors with continuous education on elder safety tips, crime prevention and awareness.

During his visit, the Sheriff highlighted the many services offered to seniors through the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department such as special illuminated custom house numbers, 911 cell phones, first responder file of life cards, iris recognition technology and the LoJack SafetyNet Program in the event a senior were to wander off or go missing.

“It’s always a pleasure to spend time at the Leicester Senior Center, today’s breakfast was a great opportunity to share important public safety information with Leicester’s senior community. The TRIAD Program as well as the many other services offered by the Sheriff’s Department work to effectively identify and address the public safety needs and concerns of our senior population, as Sheriff I am committed to making our seniors citizens feel safe and secure in their communities.” said Evangelidis.