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BY: Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, February 27, 2022

MILLBURY — Sheriff Lew Evangelidis and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Week in the town of Millbury by distributing hundreds of goodie bags throughout the community.

With no set destination in mind, the WCSO distributed hundreds of bags filled with donated snacks throughout the town, from Feb. 15-18, with the goal of spreading kindness and inspiring goodwill in the communities they serve.

Correctional officers, Regional Resource Center staff, the superintendent, and the sheriff joined the Community Outreach Team throughout the week to visit all 56 towns and four cities in the county. In total, the Sheriff’s Office distributed more than 3,000 goodie bags.

“As a law enforcement agency, we take pride in creating positive relationships in the communities we serve,” said Evangelidis. “Positive events like this allow the Sheriff’s Office to connect with folks from every part of the county and reinforces the importance of the role we play in ensuring their safety.”