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FITCHBURG — Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis paid a visit to the Senior Center on Wednesday to deliver house number signs to seniors that will aid first responders with easily identifying a home.

“I consider these public safety lifesaving measures,” Evangelidis said. “Think about when you go visit somebody and you can’t find their house. EMTs and ambulances say seconds can save lives.”

The heavy-duty signs are made through the sheriff’s office House Numbering Program with donated or purchased wood at the Worcester County Jail & House of Correction by inmates who do community service. They feature dark green numbers with a natural wooden background.

“They’re beautiful and they’re handmade,” Evangelidis said. “They are given out free of charge, it’s a nice program.” He handed out four preordered signs, including to June Fors who lives at Sundial apartments, a senior community in the city. “I asked if I could order one and hang it on my door,” Fors said. “Where I live there are ambulances every day.” City resident Harry Haldt also received a sign. “These are great,” he said.   Evangelidis said they have provided thousands of house number signs to residents all over Worcester County during the 11 years that he has been sheriff.

“They are traditionally for seniors but if someone was disabled or needed it, we could certainly do it,” he said. “We will provide them to anyone who could use a clearer house number.”  Evangelidis said he has heard stories about the signs helping first responders to quickly locate a home, and that people tell him that they are beneficial.  “It makes me smile when I drive through a neighborhood and see one of our numbers.”

For more information and to order a house numbers sign, contact your local senior center or email