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The Community Advocate
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015
By: The Community Advocate Staff

Shrewsbury – After attending the annual senior citizens picnic hosted by Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis on Aug.15, Shrewsbury resident Ruth Cohen wrote this poem as a way to say “thank you.”

The Sheriff’s Annual Citizen Picnic
By Ruth Cohen

Thank you Sheriff Evangelidis. Once again you found a way
To provide for us seniors a fun filled day.
August fifteenth, 2015,
SAC Park in Shrewsbury was the scene.
It was fun for the members of my family.
My son Steve, his wife Bela, her mother Riva and me.
We started with watermelon, luscious and sweet.
Then sandwiches and chips to continue the treat.
After we ate, Bingo cards were given to all.
We listened and entered numbers they did call.
At one point we heard Bela’s voice very loud.
As she struggled to be heard above the crowd.
“Bingo!” she screamed. They checked to see
If she marked the card accurately.
She was one of three players to win that pot.
Thirty four dollars was what each got.
After the Bingo playing was done,
There were lottery prizes that people won.
Now the day was over, so off we went
With big smiles on our faces for the delightful day we spent.
Now, Sheriff Evangelidis, we are so pleased to say,
Thanks once again for a fun filled day.