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Holden Daily Voice

Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis and his staff had the distinct honor of receiving a special citation awarded by Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty as well as members of the entire Worcester School Committee during their recent meeting at Worcester City Hall.

The special citation was given in recognition of the Sheriff’s innovative and effective substance abuse prevention and education program Face2Face and for the Sheriff’s dedication to personally bring the Face2Face Program into the Worcester Public Schools and to school districts throughout Worcester County.

In March, the Sheriff brought the program to Wachusett Regional High School, and Mountview Middle School, giving district students an early opportunity to see firsthand the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.

The Face2Face Program created by Sheriff Evangelidis is ongoing part of the Sheriff’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Initiative for Worcester County Schools.

The Sheriff’s Face2Face Program uses cutting edge technology and a specialized 3D camera to demonstrate to “appearance conscious” students the shocking physical effects that can result from substance abuse over time. The Face2Face Program also utilizes video technology, celebrity stories and sports icons that young people can relate to and understand. During the Sheriff’s Face2Face presentation, students are able to see firsthand the potential devastating impact drug use can have on their very own classmates.

“It is truly an honor for me and for my Face2Face team to receive a special citation from Mayor Joseph Petty and from all the members of the Worcester School Committee in recognition of the Face2Face Program. With almost 90% of the inmates today at the Worcester County House of Correction addicted to drugs or alcohol, I have made it a priority to focus on substance abuse prevention and education with our county’s youth.”

Evangelidis continued “As Sheriff I know firsthand how making that bad choice to begin drug and alcohol use as a teen can lead to a direct path to prison. It is my goal with the Face2Face Program to demonstrate to our students the enormous consequences and devastating effects substance abuse can have on a person’s life and I am thrilled to have already brought the Face2Face message this school year to Worcester’s South Community High School, Burncoat Middle School, Abbey Kelley Foster Charter Public School and Forest Grove Middle School as well as over 50 other middle and high schools from throughout Worcester County. I look forward to visiting even more school districts next school year with the Face2Face Program.”

Worcester School Committee Member Donna Colorio said “today’s special citation from Mayor Petty and the Worcester School Committee is to recognize the outstanding Face2Face Program created by Sheriff Evangelidis and his staff and for their tireless dedication in bringing such a powerful and innovative program to our Worcester Public Schools. The Sheriff’s Face2Face Program has been tremendously impactful for both our school administrators and middle & high school students alike, we are extremely fortunate in Worcester County to have a Sheriff who is so proactive in discussing the enormous dangers of drug and alcohol use with our youth.”

As the only Sheriff in the country presenting this highly effective and unique drug prevention program, Evangelidis is on a mission to bringing his Face2Face message to every school district in Worcester County.

During the school year the Sheriff dedicates his time twice a week to personally present the Face2Face program to Middle Schools and High Schools throughout the region and to date is honored to have met Face2Face with over 20,000 students from every corner of Worcester County.

“Face2Face is an effective and innovative drug prevention program designed to make students think twice before making that bad choice to begin drug and alcohol use” said Evangelidis.