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The Daily Auburn

AUBURN, Mass. – For much of the past school year, Worcester County Sheriff Lewis G. Evangelidis has personally presented his Face2Face Program twice a week to middle and high School students throughout Worcester County.

On Monday, he paid a special visit to Auburn’s Pakachoag Elementary School during their Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week to have a Face2Face meeting with the entire fifth grade class to discuss the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Face2Face program is an ongoing part of the Sheriff’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Initiative for Worcester County Schools and until recently was reserved for middle and high School students.

Upon receiving a significant amount of requests from school administrators to bring his highly effective and innovative Face2Face program to elementary schools, Evangelidis is now aiming his message at pre-teens as well.

“I always look forward to spending time in the Auburn schools meeting with our students. This past January, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting the Face2Face Program to the entire 6th, 7th and 8th grades at Auburn Middle School and in early March introduced the new “pre-teen” Face2Face Program to 5th grade class at Julia Bancroft. I am thrilled to be here today at Pakachoag Elementary especially during Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week to once again bring the Face2Face Program to Auburn’s “pre-teen” youth,” Evangelidis said.

“Our Face2Face Program is specifically designed to send a powerful message to Middle & High School students about the enormous dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, having a special customized “pre-teen” version of this program provides us with a tremendous opportunity to send that important message to our county’s elementary students as well.”

“We appreciate Sheriff Evangelidis personally presenting the special “pre-teen” version of the Face2Face Program to our entire 5th grade class today. The Sheriff’s presentation was excellent and extremely interactive, a perfect message on substance abuse for our 5th grade level, I highly recommend the Sheriff’s Face2Face Program for all elementary schools,” Pakachoag Elementary School Counselor Kristie Deyoe said.

In addition to seeing the customized “pre-teen” version of the Sheriff’s Face2Face Program, all the 5th grade students at Pakachoag Elementary received special Junior Sheriff Badges to celebrate the visit.