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The Daily Grafton
By Jeremy Rice

GRAFTON, Mass. – Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis paid a special visit to Grafton High School Tuesday for a Face2Face meeting with students from grades 9-12.
Sheriff Evangelidis discussed the dangers of drug an alcohol abuse as part of his ongoing Substance Abuse Prevention and Education initiative for Worcester County schools.

The Sheriff’s Face2Face system uses cutting edge technology and special computer software to simulate the shocking effects substance abuse can have on a person’s appearance over time, students at Grafton High School were able to see firsthand the potential devastating impact drug use can have on their very own classmates.
“As sheriff, I always look forward to visiting Grafton, I especially enjoyed meeting with students from Grafton High School today to present the Face2Face Program,” he said. “With almost 90 percent of the inmates incarcerated at the Worcester County House of Correction addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is extremely important that young adults see firsthand the damaging effects and devastating results that substance abuse can have on both their appearance and their life.”

The Face2Face Program was donated by individuals and businesses who are dedicated to the county’s youth.
“On behalf of Grafton High School, I can not thank Sheriff Evangelidis enough for presenting his Face2Face Program to students in the 9th through 12th grades today. As an educator I can not think of a more impactful and effective program when discussing the dangers of substance abuse than Face2Face, I hope every Middle School and High School student in Worcester County is able to see this program.” said Grafton High School Health Coordinator & SADD Advisor Maureen Cimoch.

In the past few months, Evangelidis has personally presented Face2Face to Middle & High School students in Worcester, Leominster, Clinton, Leicester, Spencer and Sutton. School Administrators have given the Sheriff’s Face2Face Program high marks as well, including David Prouty High School Principal Robert O’Brien.
“In over 20 years of being an educator, Sheriff Evangelidis was by far the most effective speaker in spreading the word of the dangers of drugs and alcohol,” he said. “Both students and parents made a point of thanking me for making this program available at our school, I hope others schools take advantage of this opportunity.”

As the only sheriff in the country presenting this highly effective and innovative drug prevention program, Evangelidis is committed to bringing Face2Face to every school district in the county.
“Face2Face is an effective and innovative drug prevention program designed to make students think twice before making that bad choice to begin drug and alcohol use,” said Evangelidis.

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