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Sheriff Lew Evangelidis by Kimberly Roy

Tongues and tails are wagging at the jail! Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis is proud to announce a special milestone that involves man’s best friend. One Hundred Shelter Pups have now been officially adopted from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department shelter pet program. The correctional facility helped train and place the dogs into their forever homes. The shelter pup program, launched in April of 2015 pairs behaviorally needy shelter dogs with inmates who provide them with 24/7 care and training. The inmates work with the dogs on socialization, basic obedience, housebreaking, and sometimes a trick or two. Not only does it provide benefits to the dogs but it also has positive results for the handlers who learn patience, compassion, responsibility. Many of the inmates say that it also gives them a focus while they transition back into the community. The training the dogs receive while in the program helps them to become more adoptable and stay in their homes.

In celebration of the milestone, Sheriff Evangelidis, WCSO Reintegration Human Service Counselor Cathy Peltier, her son Timothy along with their dog Remy filmed a short video for Worcester’s Local Cable Access Television. Not only is Remy a loving member of the Peltier family, he was the very first dog adopted from the program!

“Remy brings us tremendous joy, we treat him like a family member. We were empty nesters when we adopted him and now he is like my third son.” Said WCSO Reintegration Human Service Counselor Cathy Peltier.

“Remy is the best friend you could ever have, especially during this pandemic. I am really never alone, because I always have Remy whether at my feet or going for a walk.” Said Timothy Peltier.

“We love our shelter pet program at the jail and we are so glad over the past five years one hundred dogs have now been placed into their loving and forever homes. It is such a wonderful milestone, we have seen firsthand our inmates and these shelter pups receive a second chance with this incredible program.” Said Sheriff Evangelidis.