1. Visits shall normally be allowed, at a maximum, the entire length of a visiting period. Visits may be terminated sooner if conditions, such as inappropriate behavior, etc. or overcrowding exist. If a visit needs to be terminated early, due to overcrowding, the order of terminations shall be the order in which the visitors arrived. (i.e., the first visitors in will be the first asked to leave.)

2. Visitors shall be allowed a one (1) hour visit before their visit is terminated due to overcrowding. Any exceptions to this shall be under the approval of the Sheriff or his designee.

3. A maximum of two (2) adults shall be permitted to visit an inmate at the same time during any visiting period. No limitations on the quantity of children shall exist, however, the quantity of children any parent/guardian is bringing into the facility must be of an amount that can be adequately supervised by this individual.

4. Minors or children under the age of seventeen (17) must be accompanied by their parent and/or legal guardian. Parents are required to provide birth certificates for each child and legal guardians shall provide court documents as proof of custody.

5. Visitors are only authorized to visit one (1) inmate housed at this institution. Should the visitor desire to visit a different inmate they must be removed from the visiting form of the original inmate and shall then be restricted to this inmate only. Permission to be removed from one inmate’s visiting form to another must be approved in advance by the Sheriff. Visitors shall not attempt to visit any inmate other than the one listed on their visiting slip.

6. Visitors may only visit one (1) inmate at a time. The only exception to this is if the relationship between the visitor and the inmate(s) is by blood. (i.e., immediate family, parents children, siblings, etc. and must be verified). The visitor(s) will be required to complete two (2) visiting slips. The burden of proof in demonstrating a valid relationship shall be on the person requesting to visit an inmate.

7. Visitors will not be permitted to enter the facility during other than normal visiting hours.

8. Visitors cannot enter the facility during shift change or during an official count.

9. Once a visitor leaves the institution after a visit, he/she will not be allowed to return that same day.

10. Any visitor who is denied entrance must leave the property. Loitering is not allowed in the Visitor’s Lobby, parking lots or state property.

11. Visitors must park their vehicles in the facility parking lot. All vehicles must be locked at all times. Visitors shall not be allowed to park anywhere else. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any visitor shall permit a search of his/her vehicle at any time upon request by correctional staff.

12. Prior to entering the facility, visitors must secure all personal possessions. Coin operated lockers are available in the Visitors’ Lobby for this purpose. The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen articles.

13. Visitors must read all posted warnings and notices in the lobby area.

14. All visitors are expected to abide by facility rules and regulations and conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to a public place. Visitors are responsible for supervising minors in their custody at all times. Excessive profanity, familiarity, or serious deviations from appropriate standards of behavior will result in administrative action, such as warning, terminations of visit, loss of visiting privileges, etc.

15. Visitors to the facility should bring only necessary items with them. All other items shall be required to be locked up in the lockers in the main lobby. Visitors that refuse to comply with this procedure shall be denied entrance. The only items authorized to enter the facility are any medic alert charms, a wedding band and/or engagement ring and locker key. All other items (weapons, firearms, medications, controlled substances, alcohol, money, cigarettes, jewelry, watches, gum/candy, etc.) are considered contraband. Any individual attempting to introduce any contraband item into the facility shall have their visiting privileges terminated or suspended, and may be subject to arrest and/or criminal prosecution.

16. Visitors shall not wander the grounds of the facility. They shall be restricted to the entrance areas only.

17. Children must remain under the constant supervision of their parent(s) or guardian(s) at all times. Failure monitor children or children exhibiting extreme behavioral problems may warrant denial of visiting privileges.

18. Daily random pat searches will be determined each day by the Assistant Superintendent for Operations. All inmate visits will be subject to the random pat search of the day. Visitors shall be required to remove any metal or other objects from their persons, and deposit them on a table provided by the facility. All visitors must pass the metal detector, in order to enter the facility. Any visitor who does not pass the metal detector shall be subject to further search, such as a hand‑held scanner, pat search and/or strip search.

19. Once the visitor has failed to pass the metal detector, he or she will be directed out of the entrance area to a waiting area. The trap officer will complete processing of the remaining visitors in the trap, prior to allowing the visitor who failed the detector to re‑enter. The visitor will then be processed through alone. The method used to search the visitor who has failed the detector shall be that which satisfies the correctional staff member conducting the search, that the visitor is free of contraband. All searches of visitors shall be conducted in accordance with facility policy.