Substance Abuse Treatment Opportunity Program (S.T.O.P.)

S.T.O.P. is a 6-month, intensive Substance Use Disorder (SUD) rehabilitation program accommodating up to 36 inmates in a segregated housing block within the walls of the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction. Program curriculum encompasses evidence based practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as developed by Hazelden Foundation and the Minnesota: Department of Correction.

To enroll in the program, inmates are vetted through a process: 1) completes application and sends to Director of Substance Use Disorder; 2) current records are reviewed by Director and Deputy; 3) interview with SUD counselor. Only sentenced inmates may apply for admission to the program. If appropriate, an inmate will be afforded structure, education, and guidance through individual counseling, daily educational groups, and provision of resources and experiential learning; these include substance use disorders, criminal thinking, socialization, relapse and reentry/reintegration.

Additional S.T.O.P. classes & activities:

  • Victim Impact (10 weeks) provided by WCHoC/SUD staff
  • Domestic Violence Awareness (10 weeks) provided by WCHoC/SUD staff
  • Recovery Maintenance (10 weeks) provided by WCHoC Staff
  • Anger Management (10 weeks) provided by WCHoC Staff
  • Parenting classes – facilitated by Pernet Family Services of Worcester
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meeting – approved Central Mass community volunteers
  • Narcotic’s Anonymous meeting – approved Central Mass community volunteers
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services are provided on an as needed weekly basis

Re-Entry / Reintegration

For many inmates, S.T.O.P. is their first successful contact with treatment. But treatment only starts here. The success an individual will establish in recovery must include in-program treatment of substance use disorder and mental health as well as an individual treatment plan that connects to outside treatment services. Prior to being released or paroled, inmates will meet with a Re-Entry/Reintegration Specialist who makes referrals and placements to an array of outpatient and residential programs to continue post release treatment.

Rehabilitation Earned Time – Main Jail, Mods, Annex & Work Release

Sentenced inmates at the Worcester County House of Correction may earn, on a monthly basis, four (4) days of sentence reduction by attending substance abuse programming; each weekday substance use disorder classes are facilitated by counselors. Inmates may access two classes/week and must attend a minimum of eight (8) per month to earn these days. On average, 550 inmates obtain rehabilitation earned time monthly.
The core curricula consists of classes on substance use disorders, domestic violence awareness, anger management, criminal thinking, recovery maintenance & reintegration. Presently, the Mass. Department of Public Health reports “For 2017, there are 1501 confirmed opioid-related overdose deaths and DPH estimates that there will be an additional 433 to 518 deaths” among all residents in Massachusetts.