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I share, as does our nation, the righteous anger of all Americans after the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  We as a community and those of us in law enforcement stand united in condemning the awful, inhumane circumstance of Mr. Floyd’s death.

Our great nation has struggled with the evil of prejudice and discrimination for generations with much more work to be done.  This is not an issue of left or right, it’s an issue of right or wrong.  It’s an issue of whether we move forward or backwards, it’s an issue of liberty and justice for all Americans.

Unfortunately, many of our cities have seen peaceful protests devolve into chaos with some lawless individuals choosing violence and looting.  We condemn these cowardly and criminal actions as they serve no purpose but to undercut the unified message we all share as Americans in disavowing the shocking injustice of Mr.  Floyd’s death.

As Sheriff, I work closely with many in our community to provide a culture of opportunity and rehabilitation for those in the criminal justice system.  I hope and pray that Worcester will continue to be a national model demonstrating in a safe and peaceful way, the time for meaningful change and healing is now.

Lew Evangelidis,

Sheriff, Worcester County