All visitors are expected to conduct and dress themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a public place. Any visitor (adults or children over the age of ten) wearing the following items or any item deemed inappropriate by correctional staff shall be denied entrance into the facility.

Under special circumstances, exceptions to the Visitor’s Dress Code may be approved by the Senior Shift Officer.

Male Visitors

  1. No clothing similar to that issued to an inmate or uniformed personnel
  2. No sweatpants, sweatshirts
  3. No fatigue or camouflage clothing
  4. No shorts or tank tops
  5. No bare midriff or muscle shirts
  6. All visitors are required to wear undergarments
  7. Hooded shirts or jackets, all types of neckties (except attorneys)
  8. No jogging suits (including nylon material)
  9. No clothing with cut out pockets or holes are permitted
  10. No double layered clothing will be allowed
  11. Hair pieces, wigs, extensions, and braid will be allowed. Removable items will be removed and checked. Pins, etc will not be allowed to hold any of the above in place
  12. No bib/overall type clothing
  13. Clothing with religious or ethnic significance will be subject to search

Female Visitors

  1. No fatigue or camouflage clothing
  2. No tights, leotards, spandex, body suits or dance/exercise fashion
  3. No halter, muscle shirts, or tank tops, or clothing that reveals the midriff
  4. No tops permitted which expose the back beyond the upper shoulder areas
  5. No visibly sheer clothing with/without undergarments
  6. Proper traditional undergarments (underpants & bras) must be worn
  7. No bathing suits
  8. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweatsuits or outfits that are similar material will not be allowed
  9. No low cut or excessively revealing clothing
  10. Tight fitting clothing will not be allowed
  11. Clothing with cut out pockets or holes will not be permitted
  12. Nylon, panty hose, or underwear with holes in the immediate crotch area will not be allowed
  13. No double layered clothing will be allowed
  14. Hair pieces, wigs, extensions, and braids will be allowed. Removable items will be removed and checked. Pins, elastics, barrettes, clips, scrunches, etc. will not be allowed to hold any of the above in place
  15. No bobby pins, curlers, hair clips, hair scrunches, head bands, or bandanas
  16. Visibly pregnant females may wear maternity pants with elastics waistbands, without having to submit medical evidence
  17. Dresses or skirts are not to exceed 3 inches above the knee. Skirts with slits extending 3 inches above the knee will not be allowed
  18. Outerwear of a light weight material must be worn with a slip/camisole
  19. Shorts, skorts, and culottes may be worn if not shorter than 3″ above the knee and are “dress or walking type.” No spandex or sweatpant/sweatsuit material permitted
  20. Clothing with religious or ethnic significance, subject to search
  21. No hooded clothing
  22. No bib/overall type clothing

All Visitors

  1. Footwear covering the whole foot must be worn by visitors
  2. No jewelry other than a wedding band/engagement ring, medical alert bracelet/necklace may be worn into the facility
  3. Hats, gloves, scarves are not allowed to be worn by visitors in the visiting area
  4. No type of appliance, brace, ace bandage, cast, dressing not prescribed and/or applied by medical personnel are allowed. Aforementioned items must be accompanied by positive medical evidence (i.e. doctor’s prescription, E.R. prescription)
  5. Any adornments, accouterments, that cannot be removed to be examined and could constitute a security problem will not be allowed
  6. Any articles of clothing, worn by the visitor with holes, rips or tears will not be allowed, i.e. fashion jeans
  7. At the discretion of the Sheriff of his/her designee, any article of clothing, worn by the visitor, displaying obscene, racial, sexual, or caricatures, or symbols and gang affiliation will not be allowed
  8. Children over the age of ten years old shall be required to follow the adult dress code
  9. Infants are allowed
  10. One (1) clear plastic bottle with either milk, juice, or water only
  11. One (1) small blanket
  12. One (1) disposable diaper
  13. Only enough baby wipes to adequately cleanse a child will be allowed
  14. Bib, pacifier