Employer Benefits

  • Steady, reliable workforce
  • Option of hiring for full- or part-time shifts
  • We screen candidates to match your company’s needs

Community Benefits

  • Inmates will be paying state and federal taxes
  • Child support, court costs and fines are paid
  • Taxpayers are reimbursed through “room and board” payments

Why A Work Release Inmate vs. Temporary Worker Service

  • No administrative fees
  • Drug & alcohol testing of all workers
  • Consistent worker pool

Inmate Incentive

  • Worker gets back out in to the community
  • Failure to follow the rules and regulations will result in termination from the program and transfer back in to jail house
  • Working helps inmates to build a firm foundation to re-integrate back into society

Please contact Lt. Rocco Cardaci at Worcester County Sheriff’s Office for more information.
Tel: 508 854 1872/1828
Cell: 508 864 0477