Substance Abuse Counselor I

Posting ID J33767
Classification (based on Title Code/Job Code) Non-Management Position
Current Status Published
Department Code SDW
Agency Name Sheriff’s Department Worcester
Official Title Substance Abuse Counselor I
Functional Title Substance Abuse Counselor I
Occupational Group Other
Position Type
Salary Range $36,080.11 to $42,939.86 Annually
Bargaining Unit YES
How To Apply Mail cover letter and resume to:Rebecca Pellegrino
Director, Administration & Finance
Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
5 Paul X. Tivnan Dr.
W. Boylston, MA 01583
Agency Web Site
Diversity Officer NA
Qualifications (MERs) • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in psychology, education, counseling, rehabilitative counseling, or social work.
• Minimum of two years supervised counseling.
• Equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, in writing and orally.
• Ability to maintain accurate and detailed records.
• Ability to talk to others to effectively convey information.
• Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through verbal and written communication.
• Beginner skill in the use of personal computers, particularly word processing.
• General knowledge of support agencies such as Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.
• General knowledge in the effects of drugs and alcohol.
Full-Time or Part-Time Full-Time
Shift Day
Location Worcester
Facility Location
External Comments
Duties (a) To provide drug and alcohol education for inmates/probationers/parolees;
(b) To provide education in the areas of stress management, anger management and coping skills;
(c) To assist inmates/probationers/parolees in recognizing the consequences of substance abuse;
(d) To instruct inmates/probationers/parolees in alternative coping skills for living drug-free;
(e) To teach Relapse Prevention I and Relapse Prevention II programs;
(f) To educate inmates/probationers/parolees about high risk behaviors with the goal of reducing the spread of AIDS, Hepatitis A, B and C, and other sexually transmitted diseases;
(g) To introduce inmates/probationers/parolees to support agencies such as Alcoholics Anonymous,
(h) To develop an individualized aftercare plan which identifies problems requiring continuing treatment and service to help the inmate remain drug-free;
(i) To prepare accurately and maintain as current all required reports and records;
(j) To observe inmates/probationers/parolees general condition and refer inmates/probationers/parolees to the appropriate supportive services, i.e. medical, mental and social services;
(k) To foster an atmosphere of cooperation between inmates/probationers/parolees and staff;
(l) To observe conduct and behavior of inmates/probationers/parolees and to report any unusual occurrences to supervisor;
(m) To ensure that inmates/probationers/parolees sign in on the required attendance sheet;
(n) To conduct classes in a professional manner and use only approved materials;
(o) To work harmoniously, cooperatively and courteously with others at all times;
(p) To perform other duties as assigned;
(q) To report to work on time and appropriately attired;
(r) To maintain regular attendance.
Preferred Qualifications Certified Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counselor preferred.
Internal Comments
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Number Of Vacancies 1
Allow Job Seekers To Apply OnLine No
Job Is For Internal Distribution Only No
Posting Duration 14 Days
Published On 01-14-2013
Application Deadline 01-28-2013