May 22, 2011

Sheriff Evangelidis Continues Commitment to Double Community Service Program

The Daily Holden
By Daniel Castro

HOLDEN, Mass. — During his campaign for Worcester County Sheriff, one of Lew Evangelidis’ goals was to be visible in his commitment to the community both within and outside of the prison walls — and since taking office in January, the Holden native has been able to nearly double the department’s Community Service Program, Read more…

May 19, 2011

Sheriff Visits Inmate Work Project

The Landmark
By Phyllis Booth

Newly-elected Worcester county Sheriff Lew Evangelidis toured the NEADS – Dogs for Deaf & Disabled Americans – campus in Princeton last week to see the work done by officer supervised inmates as part of the community service program.
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May 13, 2011

Evangelidis Visits Work Crew At Leicester Senior Center

The Spencer New Leader

Leicester- An inmate work crew was recently at the Leicester Council on Aging Senior Center. On a visit to the center today the Sheriff spoke with the director Rachelle Cloutier, who said: “The crew did a wonderful job and their supervisor was great with them. The work is much appreciated as without it we could not have afforded to paint anything let alone a huge room like our dining area.” Read more…

Apr 29, 2011

Evangelidis Focuses On Expanding Community Service Program

The Leominster Champion

Lancaster- Since his election, Sheriff Evangelidis has dedicated himself to doubling the size of the community service program. The program not only saves communities thousands of dollars but also provides inmates with a feeling of productivity and dignity. The work-crews are made up of officer supervised inmates convicted of non-violent crimes who have earned their place in the program. The cities and towns of Worcester County saved over one million dollars in 2010 and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department expects to double the savings in 2011. Read more…